La Libertad!-Gersdorf,Germany

In a land far, far away…from here.  There sits nestled in the woods of Eastern Germany in a tiny village called Gersdorf, a castle, or Schloss as they call it.

Gersdorf Kooperative

It was left behind in ruins from centuries ago until once upon a time, 5 years ago,  A small community of people settled here to work the land and renovate the castle.  They are an Intentional Community who are working to own the property someday so they can continue creating simpler lives for themselves, together.

For the past 4 years, the people of Gersdorf Schloss have put on a week long festival called La Libertad to raise awareness about who they are and what they do through workshops, group discussion and activities centered around sustainable living practices, energy conservation, growing food and concious eating.

Two other groups from the surrounding Gersdorf area come together with the community to help organize and run the festival:

  • A juggling/puoy organization added entertainment with workshops about juggling. They also have another more serious side to their vibe as they organized many group discussions about a variety of topics from community improvements and needs to global social issues like sexism and classism.
  • Two farmers/gourmet chefs who specialize in vegan cuisine ran the kitchen.  They provided the entire festival with their own organic produce as well as grains and fresh breads from local bio shops and bakeries.

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