Rootstalk Festival – 4 Days of Free Tea

Day break hits ever so slowly and the morning light seeps into the sky like tea steeping into the cup as fresh boiled water is poured upon it.

Enjoying the first cup

The first cup of the day is now served and a soft-spoken “good morning” is shared with waking yawns to follow.  Eyes meet as the cup is handed from tea server to guest and two grateful smiles take the place of conversation as the tea server feels the fulfillment of giving and the guest feels the satisfaction of receiving.  Welcome to the Free Tea Tent Our only catch? No to-go cups. So please feel free to stay and chill out in our rainbow lounge…

The Rainbow Lounge

Sustainable Lightfoot Post Station

The first guest nods happily with a slight chuckle and heads over, slipping shoes off before entering the comfy zone.  Taking a seat on a pillow at the Lightfoot Station, “What is this?” the guest asks noticing a wooden box set perfectly in the middle of the table with art supplies stacked around it and a binder with a note, “Open Me – Letter Decor Supplies Inside”

The box reads, “Sustainable Lightfoot Mailbox”  on one side and has two openings on top.  One says “Send”  the other “Deliver.” “Sustainable Lightfoot is an alternative postage system of hand-written and then hand-delivered letters passed through fellow friends and travelers…” Hearing this, our guest feels inspired.  Picking up the binder, pulling out a sheet of paper, grabbing the box of stamps and finding the necessary letters, pressing each of them gently onto the red ink pad, then onto the page, spelling out the words – DEAR FRIEND – our guest begins to write …

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4 responses to “Rootstalk Festival – 4 Days of Free Tea

  1. Bridget Law

    October 10, 2011 at 4:38 am

    Ally dear, your photos are breathtaking! I am especially fond of the shot of Rosie in costume and the one of Guisepi having a conversation while serving tea. Absolutely beautiful! As are all of them really… Johnny and Jade, the kiddies writing lightfoot letters, all the decor shots, Daruka’s sweet face and Rich’s bunny mask 🙂 Awesome.

    Feels amazing just reading your words and seeing your photos, I sense the actual experience was that of a lifetime! Love you.


  2. Rachel Hall

    October 12, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    Yay! You used some of my photos! The time spent in the tea tent was beyond amazing and I have all of you guys to thank for it!



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