Last Thursday Artwalk- Portland, Oregon

The Free Tea Party journeyed onward from Salem to Portland, Oregon to take the last of the tea servers onto their next adventures on the road.  Before parting, we spent our last night together serving tea at Last Thursday, a citywide Artwalk event along Alberta Ave.

Summer was still hovering in the air as if it was holding onto its last breath just before autumn sweeps in to take over.


Tea Sisters



Guisepi, Rosie, Rich and I show up early to stake out a spot for tonights festivities. I was buzzing with excitement for the night to come while still feeling high from Rootstalk.






Sometime after 5, a soft drumbeat began to sound. Getting louder and louder like a drum roll announcing the coming of each passing moment.  This is when Last Thursday began for me.

Let the FREE Tea Party begin!



A group of Native American musicians had set up next to us. As they began playing, their music seemed to invite any passer-by to come and stay for a while.  With our doors open and tea ready for sippin, we served as a perfect duo for one another.




Nomadic friends reunite aboard Edna



My friend, John, who I hadn’t seen in almost 5 years happened to be passing through Portland along his nomadness and came out for the party.  It’s serendipitous rendezvous’ such as these that I live for while on the road.




Tea Break!


They played on well into the night as we served tea just the same.  Side by side. Every now and again they took a break to enjoy whatever brew we had hot and ready.

Tea Guests

Needless to say, it was another magical evening of heartwarming conversation and quality time among people who may have showed up that night as strangers, but left as friends.  A perfect way to say “see you later” before we venture on our own ways, only to meet up again.  Somewhere.  Someday.  But when we do, it’ll most likely be over a hot cuppa fresh brew 😉 

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